We give passionate entrepreneurs tools and resources to develop worldwide

We run a network of consistent, autonomous companies, while keeping people connected
Invest sustainably

We invest between 5 and 50 M € in companies with strong development potential in the field of sports activities.
We partner with dynamic, passionate and daring entrepreneurs with strong human values who care for their customers.
We focus our capital on investments that are meaningful to us, for people and their environment.

We provide our companies with a network of professionals,
both internal and external, capable of providing strategic,
financial, real-estate-related or legal expertise.

Share a rich international network
Support development and growth

We set up for each entrepreneur a support committee comprised of complementary experts that meet at least 3 times a year, in order to provide a pro bono support centering on the following:

  • People
  • 10-year Vision
  • Investments / withdrawals according to strategy and 2-year business model.